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Elexon (MHHS Programme)

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Background & Challenge

Elexon is one of those understated essential public service/non-profit companies that fly under the radar making sure our lives, and future lives, are well provided for and, now, sustainable.

Elexon is the key to the successful running of the electricity industry – they administer the Balancing and Settlement Code for the electricity industry. That code compares how much electricity generators and suppliers say they will produce or consume with actual volumes.

As part of the UK’s commitment toward Net Zero, Ofgem announced a reform programme called Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) that will see a significant move forward in how electricity is used and accounted for.

As Elexon has been deemed the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) for this programme, the MHHS Programme team knew that communication must start as soon as possible to prevent a vacuum. The Programme team also wanted immediate insight through stakeholder mapping of this diverse group of industry stakeholders.

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Our Approach & Delivery

  • Through working with the MHHS Programme team, Konductor isolated further areas of communicative need, including building awareness and knowledge of the conflict of interest risk between the MHHS Programme and Elexon, who are both a participant and the SRO of the programme.
  • Konductor were also instrumental in helping Elexon:
    • Develop and deliver MHHS website content and functionality.
    • Continually update content to reflect the fast pace of the Programme.
    • Develop and manage content for a weekly, MHHS Programme newsletter.
    • Develop and manage content for a fortnightly MHHS Design newsletter
    • Establish and understand key analytics reports.
    • Source software and develop a bespoke online course for Conflict of Interest for mandatory training, with related reporting.
    • Develop an awareness campaign and assets (posters and e-book) on conflict of interest within the Elexon offices.

Our Legacy

“The MHHS Programme is highly complex, impacting the entire electricity industry, which will be key to unlocking customer benefit from smart metering. Konductor were engaged to support the Programme, providing a communications strategy and delivering a multi-channel communications plan, including a branded dedicated website and a newsletter.

“They also aided in addressing the critical need for a conflict-of-interest training and awareness programme which rolled out on schedule. Their expertise has been invaluable to the entire Programme team, providing a trusted guide and sounding board whilst quietly delivering value, day in day out.

Chris Harden, MHHS Programme Director, Elexon

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