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Brand Development

Developing and aligning your brand with your business strategy, creating opportunities for growth.

Focused communications with your key audience – whether existing customers, prospect customers, employees or investors – boils down to a simple thing. A strong brand and clear value proposition.

A high performing brand and value proposition are underpinned by the needs of your customers. They embody your vision, scream your values, and unleash messaging that’s unique to you. They are the guiding principles which your company wraps around.

Through our Four-K approach, we support organisations in defining and translating their purpose, which forms the bedrock of the business and the platform from which they can achieve strong growth.

If you would like our help with
Brand Development

“I found working with Konductor a breath of fresh air. We’ve worked with them on a couple of projects and Katharine’s telecoms experience is amazing. She totally understands this industry and it makes the briefing process so much easier. And working with both Katharine and Kate on our recent brand project meant we got the best of both worlds – their industry knowledge, drive and enthusiasm was incredible. It made for a fun working relationship and the end result was perfect.”
Anna Hagglund
Trenches Law

How can kd2 help you?

  • We’ll help you identify your purpose – why you exist as a business
  • Unify your business behind a shared vision and set of values and behaviours
  • Review and align your company brand identity, tone of voice and personality
  • Define brand positioning both externally and internally, creating plans and assets
  • Align with your people strategy and set measurable objectives which are aligned to the business strategy

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