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Volta Data Centres

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Background & Challenge

Volta Data Centres provides businesses with state-of-the-art certified and accredited data services from their central London facility. Their location means their capital city-based partners can reach global audiences and clients with low latency, high performance connectivity, and 100% uptime as standard.

Volta’s carrier-neutral data facility possesses over 20 diverse entry points with over 25 carriers on-site, meaning their customers can access the level of connectivity needed for their business purposes from whichever provider they prefer.

Konductor has amassed significant knowledge and proficiency across multiple tech verticals meaning we could build out activity for Volta from the start and deliver against stringent sales and marketing goals.

Konductor’s remit was, on the surface, quite simple; Volta Data Centres wanted support with their business growth objectives. However, such a simply worded remit required us to draw on our Kritical Thinking and Kuriosity pillars, working with the management and sales team.


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Our Approach & Delivery

Work began by developing the Volta proposition and key messaging. We then went on to deliver content marketing resources, including various downloadable eBooks, and supplied high-level PR services.

Alongside Volta’s in-house team, Konductor set about defining a marketing strategy for the year which included analyses of potential for marketing automation solutions. We supported with both outbound and inbound sales, used content and PR to increase brand awareness, and helped drive an increase in qualified leads – through a sharpened focus, online lead generation increased by 600% in a 12 month period.

  • Using our Kuriosity and Kritical Thinking Pillars, we delivered a proposition refresh and tone of voice
  • We helped redefine the target audience and key messaging
  • We helped them re-think their inbound approach to drive sales growth, reducing third party spend
  • PPC management, increasing monthly enquiries x600% (40 pm)
  • We reconfigured Hubspot workflows against new hero content and emails

Our Legacy

By working closely with Volta’s internal marketing and sales teams, Konductor developed an agile and multi-channelled approach that brought significant results throughout 2020.

Jon Arnold, Managing Director at Volta Date Centres, said:

“As Volta continues to deliver leading data centre provision for businesses who desire a central London location, we are constantly evolving the way we interact with our clients and prospects and presenting our brand to our target market.

“At times, it is necessary to bring in proven professionals to ensure we are getting this right. Konductor demonstrated incredible commitment, prior knowledge, and dynamism and were instrumental in us hitting our goals.”

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