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We take pride in the service we offer to our customers. We help CEOs and senior management teams to deliver their commercial objectives through impactful marketing, always beginning with an understanding of commercial objectives. We bring together the right activities and the right channels to deliver business growth and make a real impact on the bottom line

Case Studies


for Digital Greenwich Connect

“Thank you for your part in making this so successful. The feedback has been really positive. I’m aware of the effort it has taken.”


for Voilo

“They delivered by helping us define our vision mission and purpose. Working together we were able to put forward messaging to feed into all our content at Voilo.”
Volta Datacentres Logo

Campaign Delivery

for Volta Data Centres

“Konductor demonstrated incredible commitment, prior knowledge, and dynamism and were instrumental in us hitting our goals.”
R2 Factory Rolls Royce Logo


for R2 Factory

“Konductor’s practical, straight-talking approach and their dedication to creativity and responsiveness around communications helped our brand get off to a great start.”
Manchester Metropolitan University Logo

Campaign delivery

for Manchester Metropolitan University

“You have been so invested in what we are trying to achieve and making sure the final output meets our high standards.”
Elexon Logo

Campaign Delivery

for Elexon (MHHS Programme)

“Their expertise has been invaluable to the entire Programme team, providing a trusted guide and sounding board whilst quietly delivering value, day in day out.”
Sorted Logo


for Sorted Group

“The colleague and customer insights from the Konductor research were instrumental in developing our brand and culture”
Brightbox Group Logo


for BrightBox Group

“Their experience and approach has been critical to where we have got to so far, supplying key delivery and strategic services.”
Trenches Law Logo

Campaign delivery

for Trenches Law

“Konductor nailed the brief, bringing the project in on budget and ahead of deadline.”
NAHL Group PLC Logo

Campaign Delivery

for The NAHL Group

“Communications readership has increased – an improved style that’s much more journalistic.”
NetVu Logo


for NetVu

“They introduced a level of thinking and creativity we had been sorely lacking.”
ITS Technology Group Logo


for ITS

“Konductor has delivered on its promises and crucially understands the demands of an ambitious growth company.”
City of London Group Logo


for City of London Group

“Feedback on the new branding treatments has been very positive…Konductor’s work has been real quality”
Jam ICT Logo


for JamICT

“They established timescales and KPIs, as well as build strong relationships with the financial community.”


for MBL

“Working with the senior team, Konductor advised on the process for restructure and identified the factors which would ensure its success.”


for iCaaS

“Konductor were able to really help sharpen iCaaS’ focus. This allowed us to embark on the next phase of our growth journey.”
Cookson & Roberts Logo


for Cookson & Roberts

“Kate and Katharine were just incredible. They were able to outline to us what was important while challenging us to think about the business in a way we hadn’t.”

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