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Manchester Metropolitan University

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Background & Challenge

Manchester Metropolitan University needed an experienced technology journalist, writer and researcher to support a piece of work related to their research on ethical practices in AI development and deployment.

They needed someone who could attend a roundtable discussion about ethical practices with SME leaders and work with them to use the discussion to shape a set of questions for semi-structured interviews.

It would lead to ten interviews with SME leaders, mainly from the Greater Manchester area, using the source material to produce case studies about existing practices, SME readiness and barriers to the adoption of ethical practices.

The case studies were being used in a piece of research to illustrate SME readiness for adoption of ethical frameworks and AI regulation and to inform local and national initiatives and policies to upskill SMEs in responsible tech methods.

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Our Approach & Delivery

  • We showcased our work in the somewhat niche but growing area, demonstrating how we work and produce content of journalistic quality across regulated and complex areas.
  • We attended a roundtable, listening and inputting into the wide spectrum of ethical AI, putting to use the Kuriosity K of our four-K approach.
  • Our content team walked through the process through its deployed Kritical Thinking and Kommunication pillar to navigate a set of questions before going on to undertake 10 in-depth interviews.
  • We wrote a series of case studies that both told a compelling story and highlighted the significance of ethics in a world that is becoming more connected to artificial intelligence.
  • As an extension of the university team, we liaised once more with all our interviewees to gain sign off in line with their expectations.
  • We also worked with MMU’s design team to help shape the look and feel of the full report, released in Summer 2022.

Our Legacy

Edwin Colyer, Impact and Engagement Manager, said: “It has been a real pleasure to work with an external partner who is so knowledgeable about the content and its context, who takes initiative and keeps everyone up-to-date on progress.

“You have been so invested in what we are trying to achieve and making sure the final output meets our high standards. I know the SME owners you interviewed also found you very easy to work with and enjoyed the process too. I definitely want to continue working with you on future projects.”

Keeley Crockett, Professor of Computation Science at MMU, said: “Without your drive, initiative, passion and talent this would not have been possible.. It has been a wonderful experience working with such a professional company and I sincerely hope that we can continue to work with you in the future

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