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Background & Challenge

NetVu is an innovative technology and surveillance company set up in 2016.

They are an all-British company with R&D and manufacturing based in the Northwest. The company is currently in the midst of developing and building both new products and customer bases.

NetVu sought a UK-based communications partner to enhance its brand and reputation, one that would deliver lasting change built around the company’s vision and values; not one that would simply produce a cosmetic makeover.

This required an all-embracing brand and comms evaluation remit: from employees and prospects/customers to internal and external communications, strategic repositioning and branding.

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Our Approach & Delivery

  • We listened – to ensure we understood NetVu’s business dynamics and what was needed from them in order to deliver required results.
  • We employed a wide range of skills and strategies – everything from staff surveys to job descriptions; from creative flair to detailed copywriting; from visualising concepts to developing practical brand-focused solutions.
  • We brought a sense of order – changing ideas into policy and application.
  • We saw the bigger picture – integrating disparate brand elements into a single solution that sets and complements NetVu’s position in the market.
  • We responded to input – we assimilated change, adapted our thinking and evolved solutions to enable rapid delivery.

Our Legacy

Mike Newton, CEO and founder of NetVu said:

“Though NetVu boasts exceptional expertise in the development of cutting-edge surveillance equipment, getting that very message out there was proving difficult for us. Konductor came in and immediately demonstrated extraordinary determination to understand our business and quickly identified the steps needed to embolden our position in the market.

“They introduced a level of thinking and creativity we had been sorely lacking. As a result of their contributions, a shared ambition and sense of cohesiveness began to emerge among our employees and, by delivering a range of innovative internal and external marketing activity, our client base has burgeoned.”

Further Case Studies


for Digital Greenwich Connect

“Thank you for your part in making this so successful. The feedback has been really positive. I’m aware of the effort it has taken.”


for Voilo

“They delivered by helping us define our vision mission and purpose. Working together we were able to put forward messaging to feed into all our content at Voilo.”
Volta Datacentres Logo

Campaign Delivery

for Volta Data Centres

“Konductor demonstrated incredible commitment, prior knowledge, and dynamism and were instrumental in us hitting our goals.”

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