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A Chartered Accountancy with a difference

MBL is a chartered accountancy and business advisory firm supporting organisations with expert financial management and commercial consultancy. Though the company’s heritage is rooted in traditional accountancy and tax compliance, it has evolved to offer a more comprehensive array of business services.

In 2019, MBL set off on a course to redefine its place in the market centred on a belief that it was their people who held the key to success.

A new strategic direction

Though MBL had developed to become a more service-rich entity, this was not being communicated clearly enough to both existing and prospective customers. Nor was it reflected in the internal team structure, their values or their behaviours.

The senior team wished to implement a new strategic direction which centred around positioning the company equally as both a business growth advisor and a traditional provider of compliance accountancy and tax services. This would require internally and externally communicating the message that MBL could act both as trusted advisors for smaller companies and offer high-quality business insight, intelligence, and growth advice.

Achieving this objective necessitated a number of critical actions, including:

  • Building clarity around the company’s vision, mission, and values
  • Articulating a new proposition to both an external and internal audience
  • Advising on a structure of the business aligned to the growth strategy
  • Developing and launching a robust and collaborative culture
  • Delivering a communications plan for two-way engagement
  • Job descriptions and objectives for all staff members

A multi-faceted approach

Konductor’s support of MBL began by creating a clear vision, mission, and values piece and sharing it throughout the company. The company proposition – MBL’s promise to its customers – was then agreed and a strategy produced, detailing how employees would align behind it to ensure delivery.

Working with the senior team, Konductor advised on the process for restructure and identified the factors which would ensure its success. This included implementing the relevant policies and procedures, building structure charts, and writing recruitment and job descriptions for the new roles being developed.

Clear practices were then put in place. Konductor provided ongoing support and advice to the senior team on delivery of the new business plan, maximising the expertise and potential of new and existing staff, and rolling out an internal cultural programme underpinned by intelligent comms.

This suite of services was provided while ensuring that that each process was legally wrapped with relevant policy and procedure.

One strategic direction powered by many expert services

MBL’s desired strategic direction could be summed up in one sentence:

“Positioning the company equally as both a business growth advisor and a traditional provider of compliance accountancy and tax services.”

However, ensuring that strategic direction led to a successful destination required much input across multiple services. Throughout the project, Konductor helped MBL realise their objective with the following crucial services:

Culture Development

  • Creating an accountable and measurable culture programme
  • Job descriptions and appraisal frameworks
  • Reward and recognition programmes
  • Employee support and feedback programmes
  • Business coaching

Internal Communications

  • Engaging and produced in plain English, jargon free messaging
  • Fresh, eye-catching on brand content
  • Measurable Comms and content calendars

Strategic HR

  • Job descriptions and objective-setting
  • Organisational structure and guidance, coaching, and delivery
  • Commercial HR advice and process with action plans

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