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R2 Factory

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Background & Challenge

R2 Factory is a new kind of business. It also happens to be part of one of the world’s best-known brands, Rolls-Royce.

Unlike its parent company, a complex manufacturing and engineering giant, R2 Factory is born from R2 Data Labs, the division of Rolls-Royce that uses data and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the way they operate by applying new technology to old challenges across the business.

R2 Factory takes these skills external – through a digital transformation members’ community that helps global organisations tackle their toughest industrial challenges.

Its 50-strong team of punks, geeks and super-freaks (its specialists) invites member organisations to collaborate with them to build solutions for their digital transformation challenges.

The approach combines advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, with digital culture change and system engineering expertise.

It’s fairly mind-blowing.

We helped take this new brand to market, responsible for PR, Social Media and Content.



R2 Factory Rolls Royce Logo

Our Approach & Delivery

  • We worked with the small but formidable in-house team to understand their well-articulated mission, vision and values, and the intent for growth in its first three years.
  • We delved into our four-K approach to apply our Kuriosity and Kritical Thinking pillars to support the building of a go-to-market approach, working with the CEO, the in-house team and a set of external third parties.
  • We deployed a social plan that would be a powerhouse for brand-building and scaling at pace across LinkedIn while identifying the platforms that would support their growth objectives.
  • We planned and created content that could be consumed by their clients, some of the biggest names in industry. Including thought leadership and spotlight interviews that would add value to the experience they received as members.
  • We deployed the launch PR, taking news of the new venture to all the key market commentators and influencers in AI and data, securing a full-page business profile for CEO Caroline Gorski in a prominent Daily.

Our Legacy

“We are hugely grateful to Konductor for the work they helped us with in the launch of the R2 Factory. We had worked with them previously in getting the Emergent Alliance off the ground, and knew that their practical, straight-talking approach and their dedication to creativity and responsiveness around communications would help our brand get off to a great start.”

Caroline Gorski – CEO R2 Factory

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