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On May 25, 2018, reforms to data protection became enforceable through the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The updated regulation modernised the laws that protect the personal information of individuals and altered how organisations handle the information of those they interact with. Breach of the GDPR can lead to large fines and reputational damage to those found guilty.

Many organisations found the complexities and grey areas which littered the road to compliance overwhelming. To this day, some have still not achieved a sufficient level of compliance and it was to support these organisations that iCaaS was founded.

Developed by businesspeople for businesspeople, their data protection software helps leaders manage and maintain their data protection compliance in one simple solution.

Creating the right pull in the marketplace

Though iCaaS had developed a product that alleviates the pain of achieving and maintaining compliance, the challenge remained as to how they could articulate a clear vision and accompanying messaging that would resonate across the professional landscape.

It is common for businesses to be time poor, conscious of costs, and apathetic to data protection. Today, such businesses are firmly in the crosshairs of the GDPR and for iCaaS to stand out and create a ‘pull’ in the marketplace, it needed to acquire the platform to talk about the commercial benefit of their product.

A clear proposition

An often underestimated (even overlooked) tool in any organisation’s inventory, is its proposition. Building a brand around a purpose provides something that is more distinct and creates a stronger platform from which to appeal to a target audience.

Developing a proposition with key messaging, aligned to the vision and mission of the business, provides a key point of difference and is proven to deliver against the bottom line.

Experts in constructing powerful and results-driven propositions, Konductor began creating one bespoke to iCaaS. As part of a discovery session organised with the iCaaS team, discussions around

the GDPR were moved away from data protection and playing on business fears of non-compliance, to one demonstrating how the iCaaS software could be an essential tool in a customer’s business growth.

Getting the ball rolling

Konductor began by creating proof-points that would act as a foundation for iCaaS to build from, unifying the vision and providing a blueprint for go-to-market activity. Through the proposition, establishment of a consistent tone of voice, and key messaging work, Konductor allowed iCaaS to achieve the following:

  • Reposition to a more commercial proposition with a different type of GDPR message
  • Ignite recognition and create awareness across priority sectors
  • Promote greater uptake among SMBs, especially those with high exposure to data in regulated environments
  • Go to market with a reworked commercial model
  • Create messaging for relevant target audiences incorporating Corporate, SMB and Micro, as well as cutting by sector
  • Join the ESG conversation – essential if a business applies procurement processes
  • Develop a sub-brand to create a rating standard for data protection strength
  • Ensure marketplace understands that no known SaaS-based competition is available


On Konductor’s involvement in iCaaS’ venture, CEO and Founder, Nicola Hartland, said:

“Konductor were able to really help sharpen iCaaS’ focus. This allowed us to embark on the next phase of our growth journey by going to market with a message that didn’t begin and end with simple data protection.

“I established the business to help businesses navigate what is a complex data protection environment. The next chapter in our story is that, aside from helping businesses achieve compliance, we become recognised as a partner that helps them grow, win new customers, and strengthen their own brand.”

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