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The strong brand and the nostalgia bug

Cars are funny things aren’t they? 

They’re devised to transport a person from point A to point B without having to wear out some poor steed, some of them have since burrowed their way into humanity’s collective imagination.

From the Batmobile to the Ecto-1, from 007’s various gadget-addled Aston Martins, to the bomb-proof ‘Beast’ favoured by American Presidents.

Then there’s the supercars...

Those of us of a certain age grew up amidst the first real wave of these fantasy machines; the Ferrari Testarossa, the Bugatti EB110, and the subject of our piece here, the iconic Lamborghini Countach.

The Countach arguably first etched itself into the hearts of petrol-heads when it featured in the 80s movie classic, The Cannonball Run. A great wedge of Italian grandiosity, propelled by a howling engine, generating the equivalent brawn of 370 horses.

Though Lambo have only ever made cosmetic improvements on existing models, they had yet to produce a wholly modern version of an historic classic. Until now.

Just this month, the sheet was pulled away from the new Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4, and many an individual aged 35 plus – who had the 70s original plastered on their bedroom walls as teenagers – went wobbly at the knees.

Take me back…

While paying homage to the original design in terms of pure, knuckle-biting good looks, the new model is hybrid (a tick in the environmental box). But it also takes the driver from a standstill to 62mph in under 3 seconds. It also comes with an interior that is a perfect blend of decadence and space-age.

Apart from an extraordinary feat of engineering, the all new Countach is proof that us humans love a bit of nostalgia.

Though brands harking back to the past can come over as being a bit kitsch, when it’s done well, it can inspire and excite as much as anything new. It also reinforces the need to stay close to, and listen to, your customer.

We talk about pivoting and remaining close to your customer and acknowledging their needs. In this instance it’s an extreme example, but if you’re looking for evidence, of the 112 models built – each with a price tag rumoured to be up to £2.5m – all 112 have already been snapped up.

Read more about this literal dream car come true, here: bit.ly/38gR96D

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