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A journey that helped business recovery in the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic needs no introduction, but the process for navigating economic recovery does.

In 2020 Konductor became involved with an inspirational not-for-profit, the Emergent Alliance. We were asked to journal the progress of a group of companies – including Rolls-Royce, IBM, Google Cloud and Microsoft – who had come together, putting anti-sharing and competitive behaviour aside, to collaborate and unleash the power of open data.

The work of the Emergent Alliance fed into decision-making at the very highest levels, it informed Government, and the tools and platforms its members created, enabled organisations across the public and private sector to plot crucial next steps in their pursuit of survival and recovery.

The Emergent Alliance had a mandate for supporting economic recovery, and with the economy coming out of recession, that mandate reached a natural endpoint. This week the Emergent Alliance has announced the end of active operations, achieving so much in the process.

Our final involvement was to create a report that captured the legacies and the learnings of the Alliance. Meeting the people behind the Emergent Alliance, hearing their stories and documenting the remarkable impact they were able to make.

We’re really proud to have been involved and would encourage you to take some time out and read about all that was achieved.

Read the Emergent Alliance Report

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