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The power of PR and how to attract investment

Public relations can be a very divisive topic. Not only that, it can be a divisive discipline to work in.

For every business founder or marketing director that understands its value, there’s another that fails to see the investment.

Believe it or not, running a business and providing an amazing product doesn’t make you an expert in your field. Why? Because perception, unfortunately, is everything.

If nobody knows about your expertise, customers, potential employees and investors might see you as nothing more than an outsider, a ‘me too’.

But if you take PR seriously – trust us – you aren’t being big-headed and chasing fame. You’re in fact investing in building a portfolio of public opinion, third party, independently commissioned references in outlets that matter in the investment and growth space.

Whether it’s contributing to a business feature, being a guest on a podcast and talking about the future of your industry, writing an opinion piece or giving a quote on innovation, if nothing else, it helps you build credibility.

Remember – publications won’t publish contributions that aren’t useful to their readers, and journalists never ask for quotes from random members of the public when it’s on a specialist topic.

It goes without saying, every in the press that is linked to you is your chance to be noticed by investors who see you as a credible source.

Get articles about your business published

There are loads of ways you can gain coverage. Podcasts, articles, mentions, interviews, commentaries, press release coverage.

More often than not, everything you do and stand for as a business has what we term a ‘nugget’ – something that makes a story or a reference significant. It may be insights into a customer challenge, it may be a future view on your industry, it could be an innovation in the service you provide, or it could be a new and interesting approach to your employees’ experience.

If you can make it into a big deal, you’ll make people sit up and take notice.

Sell your story to investors

Your business performance undoubtedly contributes to the decision-making process of an investor. However, right at the beginning of that journey, you can be laying the foundations of your story.

It may mean selling you and your vision – your product or service may not have caught up – but it’s a way to give insight into your proposition, that thing that makes you oh so different.

Stand out from the crowd

Competition is fierce for investment. Let your voice be heard. If you’re operating in a market that is already crowded, just how easy will it be for you to stand out?

This is a prime reason to be active in the press and on your social media – and it’s why you need to talk from a portfolio of key messaging – promote your brand essence, your culture as well as your service.

Add value to your company

A great outcome from PR – and what should be a key objective of any marketing activity – is for your business to be known for the great achievements you and your team undertake.

Engaging your customers with case studies – and using them as a hook through press activity to show real-world examples – builds trust and a positive attitude towards your brand.

Still not convinced? …why not read about how we did it for ITS Technology Group.

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