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The marketers guide to a successful award entry

The award entry season is in full swing

Awards are a key part of profile and brand raising for a company. They endorse your service, your people and carry kudos within your industry.

We always ensure they play a key role in any PR and reputation planning.

But winning awards isn’t easy. Not only can it be difficult to compile a shortlist-worthy entry – it can also be incredibly stressful.

You’ve got to make a compelling case and convince the judges you have the abilities – backed by evidence – to win.

It involves a winning combination of preparation time, solid evidence, and a strong angle.

Get the foundations right

Behind every great award entry is an amazing PR plan. If you’ve got a solid crib sheet of key messages, key achievements and metrics, your entry writing will be much easier as you can borrow from your master plan.

We’ve got years of experience, so we’ve put together a list of the important things to bear in mind when approaching an awards entry.

Our top tips on a successful awards entry

#1 Schedule: create a grid system of the awards deadlines and awards areas and ensure it sits in your live marketing plan.

#2 Time: approaching an award entry begins months in advance—no less, no more. Give it the time and credit it deserves.

#3 Respect: do not abuse the deadlines that are printed. From launch to award ceremony, the investment in a programme is big. Respect it.

#4 Evidence: develop a rigorous story with real numbers. Bluff and bluster, or repetitive metrics will not get you far. Be true to thyself.

#5 Style: demonstrate your company’s tone of voice and don’t be afraid to be conversational.

#6 Check (and double check): Reed, proof, edit and – double check all the way through the process.

#7 Hit the brief: if you can’t meet the brief, don’t enter the award. There’s no shame in missing a year if you need to build a stronger case.

#8 Use props: use video, audio, quotes, testimonials, or interviews. Bring everything to life!

#9 Seize the brand opportunity: …tell your brand story and find a golden nugget to reel the judges in.

#10 Word limit: if you’ve got space to play with, don’t waste the opportunity. If you’ve got a limit, make sure you stick to the A, B, C (more about that here)

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