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Innovation Gallery Interview: Shed Simove

Innovation is demonstrated in a manner of different ways. It can be technological, it can be transformational. It can be driven by the work you undertake with people, the impact you have on a market or your ability to bring about real change through new ways of thinking. 

The Innovation Gallery is a series of interviews from within the Konductor network, talking to the innovative and inspirational individuals, asking questions with a difference.

Name: Shed Simove

Current role: Entrepreneur, author, speaker, performer

Part one: the interview (the questions they didn’t want to answer)

What constitutes success to you?

Quelling the demons and overruling the voice that tells you you’re not good enough. That means overcoming ‘negnets’ (negative magnets) to be funny, original, entertaining and relevant.

What has been your greatest professional failure and what did you learn?

I fail all the time and it is the only way to get anywhere and to get anything off the ground. I created one product, a bum shape covering for electrical plugs, called the butt plug and had to junk it.

Worst piece of advice ever received and why?

Ask the universe. Rubbish advice. Each of us is innately creative and we need to be easy on ourselves and our ideas, and bring them to life in a simple way first. We can then chase them down.

What keeps you awake at night?

The thought that I am so fragile, that there is not a lot of time left and I want to make loved ones happy.

Most is the pointless job you have ever done?

I stacked luminous condoms in a reject shop – it made me build up a well of anxiety and strive to never want to do anything like that again.

What constitutes success to you?

Health…and being able to shop at Waitrose without looking at the prices of globe artichokes.

Most insightful piece of customer/client feedback you’ve ever received?

Sometimes when you think your performance is a seven, others think it’s a ten. Don’t be hard on yourself.

What would your nearest and dearest say frustrates them most about you?

Incredibly fussy in all areas

Part two: Quick Fire

  1. Android or Apple? The next one
  2. Words or numbers? Numbers spelt out in words
  3. Transformational or visionary? The great thing about humans, we are the only species that can look forward in the future then enact the changes to create the future
  4. Red or blue? Purple
  5. Lark or owl? Albatross
  6. Coffee or tea? Juice
  7. Sweet or savoury? Miso
  8. Twitter or LinkedIn? Shinder
  9. Times or Guardian? Quora
  10. Radio Four or Five Live? The Prodigy – ‘Fat of the land’

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