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Innovation Gallery Interview: Mike Newton

Innovation is demonstrated in a manner of different ways. It can be technological, it can be transformational. It can be driven by the work you undertake with people, the impact you have on a market or your ability to bring about real change through new ways of thinking.  The Innovation Gallery is a series of interviews from within the Konductor network, talking to the innovative and inspirational individuals we have the pleasure of working with, asking questions with a difference.

Name: Mike Newton

Role: Digital Innovator and Chairman of NetVu and Dedicated Micros 

Mike is a pioneer of innovative technology and surveillance and is cited by multiple sources as one of the top entrepreneurs to change the world.

What is the most challenging part of your job and why? 

People and managing them. Our business spans manufacturing, research and development through to customer service. 

What has been your greatest professional failure and what did you learn? 

Listening to, and believing financial advisors, because they think they know best.  

Worst piece of advice ever received and why? 

A management team telling me the market wasn’t going to change. It did change, and the business wasn’t prepared.  

What keeps you awake at night? 

External factors out of your control that can de-rail a plan. 

What constitutes success to you? 

I’ve always worked for myself – if there is no point to a task I won’t do it. 

Most insightful piece of customer/client feedback you’ve ever received? 

If you feel you’ve got too many products, don’t try to change too much. Take time and try changing one first.  If you’ve got 20 products, you’ve got another 19 that you can spend time on in the future.

What would your nearest and dearest say frustrates them most about you?  

Too many plates to juggle and always being busy. 

Part two: The quick-fire 30 second challenge  

  1. Android or Apple? Android  
  2. Words or numbers? Numbers  
  3. Transformational or visionary? Visionary  
  4. Red or blue? Red  
  5. Lark or owl? Owl  
  6. Coffee or tea? Coffee  
  7. Sweet or savoury? Sweet 
  8. Twitter or LinkedIn? Neither  
  9. Times or Guardian? Times  
  10. Radio Four or Five Live? Radio Four  


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