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Konductor collaborates to launch film for AccessPay

Konductor has joined forces with Burnley-based RTR Digital for the filming and production of a new film for Manchester-based fintech AccessPay.

Collaborating on the project, the teams were briefed to bring to life next-generation payments technology, stripping out jargon and demonstrating how AccessPay allows a user to bring together all of their payment platforms allowing faster and easier payments through a single interface.

Despite payments and finance being one of the fastest moving technology areas, many business need to coordinate multiple payment platforms, including banking portals, payment systems and accounting software.

Filming took place on location in AccessPay’s City Tower HQ, in addition to city centre locations and customer premises across the North West.

“AccessPay tasked us with helping introduce its updated online payments portal to the business community and bring to life the next generation of business payments, sitting outside of the standard world of online banking,” explained Konductor director Katharine McNamara.

“With a focus on the emergence and evolution of banking technology, and its emergence as the next ‘as a service’ in digital and cloud, we wanted to present the simplicity and mobility of the service in stark contrast to the often cumbersome and frustrating process of traditional and online banking.”

Mark Oulson-Jenkins, Managing Director of RTR Digital, added: “AccessPay is clearly a company who have recognised and embraced the potential effectiveness of video with regards to the explanation of such a user-friendly platform and the importance of such a dominant medium within social media, as a production company we clearly welcome this.”

The film has been released across AccessPay’s social media and online community.

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