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Innovation Gallery Interview: Fiona McKay

Innovation is demonstrated in a manner of different ways. It can be technological, it can be transformational. It can be driven by the work you undertake with people, the impact you have on a market or your ability to bring about real change through new ways of thinking. 

The Innovation Gallery is a series of interviews from within the Konductor network, talking to the innovative and inspirational individuals, asking questions with a difference.

Name: Fiona McKay

Job title: Managing Director

Current role: Managing Director, Lightbulb Leadership Solutions

Part one: the interview (the questions they didn’t want to answer)

What is the most challenging part of your job and why?

My role is multi-faceted I’m the Managing Director of a growing business, I advise & consult with clients, I’m a keynote speaker and I do some expert media commentary. Balancing all that can be challenging.

What has been your greatest professional failure and what did you learn?

Moving from a bustling hyper growth organisation where I was excelling, to a slower paced SME for the sake of a bigger title.  I don’t need a title. I need to make a difference and deliver results. That really matters to me.

Worst piece of advice ever received and why?

If you want to get taken seriously in the workplace as a woman you need to work harder than the men. The workplace is still imbalanced and unequal for women, working twice as hard doesn’t fix it.

What keeps you awake at night?

The health of my family, the fact that in my lifetime women still won’t and don’t receive equal pay and whether I’ll be lucky to secure a home shopping delivery slot.

Most pointless job you have ever done?

I worked as a temp receptionist very early in my career. There were no visitors and hardly any phone calls.  It was so boring I walked out after day two.

What constitutes success to you?

Choice, freedom, and being professionally respected.

Most insightful piece of customer/client feedback you’ve ever received?

That it wasn’t just the results we deliver as a business it that was of value of the ‘lightbulb moments’ for leaders too.  This became the idea to change our company name. Lightbulb Leadership Solutions was born from that feedback.

What would your nearest and dearest say frustrates them most about you?

Skyscraper standards and expectations of people and being disappointed when they aren’t met.  I think my standards are more than reasonable. 

Part two: Quick fire

  1. Android or Apple? Apple
  2. Words or numbers? Words
  3. Transformational or visionary? Both
  4. Red or blue? Blue
  5. Lark or owl? Owl after wine
  6. Coffee or tea? Tea
  7. Sweet or savoury? Savoury
  8. Twitter or LinkedIn? LinkedIn
  9. Times or Guardian? Times
  10. Radio Four or Five Live? Four


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