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How to build an amazing investment story using PR and Reputation

One of the best ways to demonstrate your value to potential investors is through your approach to PR and reputation.

PR, thought leadership, content and social media are all widely touted as key parts of the sales funnel, and they undoubtedly play a fundamental role in engaging potential customers and keeping existing customers engaged.

But PR and reputation is about far more than sales strategy. It’s a key vehicle for helping attract investors. While professional networks are vital, PR and reputation is a vehicle that helps take your brand out of a sector and regional echo chamber and, when delivered correctly achieves a number of things.

It goes without saying, it puts you firmly in the shop window as a brand. It gives credence to your strategy, your business leaders and the sentiment around your brand.

But crucially, over time, it creates an independently curated backstory of credibility. We’re talking multiple touchpoints, published by agnostic third parties.

How to bring PR and Reputation into your investment strategy

There’s not a leader or founder who wouldn’t want their business to secure a feature or coverage (whether it’s print, broadcast or online) that gives credence to their brand.

And with investors continually searching for their next project, or for those being courted to give investment, media coverage and exposure becomes an important lever.

We work with a number of businesses ranging from those listed on public markets, to private owner-managed, as well as those funded by private equity or venture capitalists.

Those clients with private backers all have one thing in common. They want PR to help build their business story and play a key role in their growth.

Top four tips for using PR for investment

For those working with investors or looking to attract new investors, here’s our approach to integrating PR into a growth and investment strategy.

1. Gain board input

It may feel like a discipline that lives purely in a marketing department, but PR and reputation should involve qualitative feedback and discussion with your board.

Understanding the appetite for investment, aspiration, competitors and timescales should be a key strand in any PR strategy and associated plan.

2. Don’t be shy

That means celebrating success. Some businesses can be too modest when it comes to shouting about success. But articulating growth, performance, recovery or celebrating organisational victories isn’t about releasing commercially sensitive information. It’s amazing what a great wordsmith can do. A good PR team will find an angle and won’t be afraid to take the time and effort to explain this to a journalist.

3. Spread your love

Investors aren’t just wedded to national newspapers. They tend to keep close to both vertical and trade titles where they hold an existing interest and clients, as well as operating in regional media clusters. When you’re looking to push profile, remember to break free from your echo chamber and work with your PR team to build an angle relevant to different audiences based on geography, sector and vertical-customer publications.

4. Get giddy on social media

Encourage your people to be your advocates. Having your people follow your business on social media is a hygiene factor. In fact, go one step further and share what you intend to publish and gently nudge your people to engage with your posts. An engaged employee base provides confidence and support in your approach.

If you’re looking to present your business story to your ideal audience, attract first stage or additional investment, or embark on an M&A strategy, we’d love to have an hour of your time to discuss some ideas.

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