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Always at the forefront of technology, shunning old hat methods and adding revolutionary, functional solutions to its portfolio, we’re getting excited about our client Vapour and a product they’re crazy about, WebRTC. What is it? Communication at its most effortless, effective best.

With the touch of a button, WebRTC allows you to view the person you are speaking to, in a secure environment, trouble and license-free.

It runs along the same lines as Skype or FaceTime in the same way that a Maserati runs along the same lines as a Renault Clio –  similar principles, just infinitely better.

Who wants attention? We do! When do we want it? Now!

None of us like to feel that we are just a number. We need to feel a connection to truly engage with a brand, and what better way to achieve that, than to actually see the white of its eyes. Or the whites of customer service’s eyes, which, let’s face it, will do.

In today’s society, we are permanently on the go. We want to speak to someone at any hour of the day or night, without leaving our office or home. We also want that real life contact which allows us to explain ourselves clearly, minus ambiguity and really progress the business/customer relationship to a more efficient, workable one.

WebRTC allows both. Options for use are endless but some very obvious ones include complex service environments when the customer doesn’t simply want an off-the-shelf product.

How many times have we tried to book a holiday online and given up because we can’t find the answers we’d like about a resort or can’t book multiple destinations with ease?

Or what about queries or complaints? It’s so easy to become infuriated because our initial issue is made worse, sending time-consuming emails back and forth. With this solution, a customer can explain the problem, have their fears dispelled, and be offered a solution in minutes; saving brand image.

Dealing with a help-desk to mend a device is also so much more sensible if the IT guru can see the problem. No more frustration. No more blind leading the blind.

This product delivers unparalleled speed and efficiency of communication but it is the ease of usability which will disrupt everything we know about online communication and collaboration.

It can be used on any operating system, offering secure voice and video, which is of advanced quality. It’s built to deliver a reliable service, reducing delay and adjusting to changing network conditions and bandwidth. It’s also interoperable with existing VoIP and video systems and doesn’t require a huge level of knowledge to implement, because of its standardised APIs (Application Program Interface).

Ability to collaborate securely, anywhere, on a variety of devices will give any business the competitive edge. It’s as innovative as it is disruptive to the traditional market place because its benefits for businesses and consumers is limitless.

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