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Content strategy – just why does it matter?

Ever started a journey without planning where you’re heading to? Or started chopping up ingredients without a plan of what you’re going to cook?

Didn’t think so.

The same goes for the world of content and the content strategy you define.

Did you know brands that have a defined and documented content strategy are known to perform better and have higher marketing ROI?

Let’s start at the beginning – what is a content strategy?

Your content strategy is a comprehensive approach for generating content that will not just support, but drive key business objectives. Not to be confused with the physical act of ‘content marketing’ (which is the day-to-day creation of creating, publishing, and promoting content), content strategy is a higher-level process.

It helps you recognise and define how your audience searches for information, therefore intensifying the impact of the content you create.

Content strategy commands who, what, where, when, and how you plan to connect with your audience. It’s not just a list of formats and topics. It includes pen portraits that showcase the buyer personas, editorial calendars, audits, and content governance.

Your content strategy will also provide a framework to measure impact. That means content marketing ROI, maintaining accountability, and ensuring ongoing results.

Like anything – it’s an investment in time, money and talent to create effective and engaging content. Whether you’re outsourcing blogs, ebooks, social posts or creating assets in-house, it’s critical to have one super-organised plan that will drive the outcomes you want.

What should my content strategy define?

  • Goals: what is it you’re trying to accomplish?
  • Audience: who is it that you’re trying to reach?
  • Variety: what type of content will you create and publish?
  • Brand support: how will your content add credence to and underpin your brand?
  • The so-what factor: how will your content be differentiated against the competition?
  • The channels: what channels and how you will promote your content?
  • The numbers: what metrics will define success?

Your Content strategy will ensure your tactical execution will point you in the right direction. Without a well-thought through content strategy, you may fall into the content landfill trap, wasting time and resource creating content that doesn’t meet the audience need, falling into an echo chamber, and failing to drive the business results you want.

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