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Buying into content marketing: the ROI that matters

Content marketing has revolutionized the way marketing and sales departments operate.

At its core is the goal of engaging consumers, inspiring a genuine two-way dialogue and opening the door to your brand in an honest and accessible way.

But how do you put a value on this new openness and deliver tangible marketing ROI for a business?

ROI today can be calculated in so many different ways. It is not all about delivering sales targets.

Content marketing helps companies to build their brands, to nurture relationships, to align themselves with influencers and to give consumers a real insight into their culture and creed. All money can’t buy stuff.

And one of the best outcomes of this is that content marketing isn’t driven or dictated to by budget. Indeed big budgets and the need to make sure they are spent for the best return can often stifle and subdue a brand.

The challengers, the start-ups and the growth hungry businesses are ideally placed to use their own passion for what they do to create some of the most genuine, engaging and effective content marketing around.

But whether you’re a plc or just starting out you still need to know whether you’re doing it right and how you can use your content marketing to deliver real results for your business.

We can’t move for digital engagement measurement and metrics. We know who liked that blog; who shared that post; what picture inspired most click throughs; what channels are working best for you at building awareness.

But this is data and data only unless you drill deeper.

Content is about creating customers and you need to find out more about them. Get an insight into how they found you, what inspired them and what will keep them coming back.

Ultimately its all about the bottom line – getting people to your website, your stores and talking about you. And buying what you have to sell.

That’s where the ROI comes into it’s own. By properly analysing your content marketing data you can build up a real and useful picture of how customer A made her journey from a video, via blogger’s reviews, YouTube and so on, to your site.

Ideally, you’ll be using a content marketing software that will enable you to track just how effective each piece of your content is but if not then you need to be looking at a wide range of analysis such as click through and purchase rates, cost per lead, customer retention and sharing patterns.

Content marketing is a great way to engage and inspire customers. Content data is there at our fingertips. Put the two together and work out why, when and how someone was inspired to buy and you can build that into a marketing and sales strategy that can really shape and drive your business.

Colin Matthews, Co-founder of Content Marketeer, sums it up. “Exposure and engagement is key when it comes to measuring content marketing ROI. Simply publishing a blog post isn’t enough of a success. You have to go deeper and pay attention to things like social share metrics, engagement metrics, and actual conversions that can be tied to the content you’re producing.”


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