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Hats off to the underdog, the nimble and the fleet of foot. A toast to you!

Why am I raising my glass on a crisp Spring day, I hear you ask? This week it has been claimed that customers of smaller broadband providers are happier, according to research undertaken by Which? In a recent survey by the consumer group, the big three of BT, Sky and TalkTalk, were reported to have received customer satisfaction scores below 50%.

Whether a broadband customer or a PR client, the findings evoke thoughts one of my most favourite historical duals, David Vs Goliath . It made me want to take stock of the real reasons why I don’t shudder at the thought of the juggernaut’s shadow growing slowly over my shoulder.

Small businesses prosper for many different reasons, here are my personal favourites.

1. Personal relationships: we are well-placed to build personal relationships with customers, journalists and suppliers. You can ‘put a face’ to the name, the person (me!), who you are in contact with. In an awe-inspiring, but often faceless digital age, personal interaction is as important as ever in building strong relationships.

2. Rapid response: flexing to solve problems and taken on challenges. Hierarchy and chain of command be no more. No concrete or established procedures, no conforming to convention. Quick decisions. Brilliant.

3. Invention and innovation: who is going to stop me introducing new ideas? Excellent.

4. Low overheads: I’ll pass my savings on. Small scale operations (assisted by technology – supplied by a small business) means it’s a win-win for our small business supply chain.

Oh what’s that I hear? …I think it is a juggernaut chugging to a standstill.

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