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28 days later

A full four weeks have passed since I stood on a hill overlooking the rolling Lancashire countryside, watching fireworks explode in a crisp chilly sky, cheering in the New Year.

There is nothing quite like the cliché of New Year. The sharp focus of the past year’s mishaps, the “must do better” list for the impending 365 days that lay ahead and the “mwaah, mwaah” continental peck on the cheek for the colleague you have a slightly over-enthusiastic relationship with on your return to the office.

So, 28 days later, what have I learnt?

I didn’t do ‘Dry January’ (it isn’t for me). I didn’t embrace wearable technology (I’m a little back-to-front, so wearing a watch on my more comfortable right-hand side always played havoc with my handwriting and my riffs when playing guitar)…so I didn’t reappear at the gym with a funky health monitor around my wrist.

Do I have your attention?

The only bandwagon I am jumping on this year is that of content. More content for me. For let it be known that in 2015, content will be king. The digital marketplace has gone full circle with its use of poorly written, mass produced blogs. Many have paid the price. Social spam is becoming as much of a headache as the old nuisance email #itsnotbiganditsnotclever @anyonewhowilllisten.

2015 is about curating content for your business that genuinely engages those that you want to speak to. Those who you want to open doors to and whose attention you desire.

Think about what it is that makes you different? Think about the things that ignite the fire in your belly and make you want to read on. Let content be a driver for conversation and let conversation lead to conversions.

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