Chris Davis, Chairman

They understand their sectors inside out and as a result, understand just how to use a blend of content to drive new business, and have really helped us achieve our sales growth.

Andrew Wilson, Director of Channel

We wanted a team who understood the industry and the channel, and Konductor definitely do. Through a mixture of experience and business intelligence, they just get it.

Daren Baythorpe, CEO

I want to say again how amazing you have been in planning, setting up and delivering this event. I was very very impressed and it has gone down very well. Thank you so much – very professional.

Anna Hagglund, Marketing

Well done and a huge Thank you for getting the interpretation of the brief spot on for the book.  I can’t remember the last time I was on a call like that!

Kevin Gaskell, Chairman

It is such a pleasure to be working with you and to listen to your clear and sensible ideas.

Mark Evans, GSK

A real highlight of the last few months is our growing relationship with Konductor. Not only have they become members of the Emergent Alliance and created a vital content to support the start-up and SMB community. It is content and expert advice to help businesses not only survive, but emerge stronger and thrive.

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