Big bad brand

For businesses without a real marketing department, the idea of a brand identity can seem quite trivial. Your brand is ultimately what defines you to your customer. All the biggest companies in the world possess either a definitive name, slogan or symbol that an audience can quickly associate to the organisation. But don’t be fooled […]

Buying into content marketing: the ROI that matters

Content marketing has revolutionized the way marketing and sales departments operate. At its core is the goal of engaging consumers, inspiring a genuine two-way dialogue and opening the door to your brand in an honest and accessible way. But how do you put a value on this new openness and deliver tangible marketing ROI for […]

Let PR be your weapon

Depending on who you speak to, public relations can be described as many things. But very rarely a “weapon”. However, PR is just that. Used correctly, it can be your business’s secret weapon. While traditionally big brands with big budgets have rode rough shod through the advertising jungle, winning new customers and driving more sales […]

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