Why an EX-culture is the only culture


Companies looking to grow turnover and build a positive brand reputation are those prioritising their employee happiness and engagement, according to research released this week. With customer expectations across all industries sitting at their highest ever levels, customer experience (CX) has never been as important. And sitting at the heart of that experience is the […]

The power of PR and how to attract investment

Public relations can be a very divisive topic. Not only that, it can be a divisive discipline to work in. For every business founder or marketing director that understands its value, there’s another that fails to see the investment. Believe it or not, running a business and providing an amazing product doesn’t make you an […]

There’s life in the old dog yet: reinventing content

reinventing content

Did you know a successful content strategy isn’t all about writing streams of new content? You can give your old content a new lease of life, and it’s really good practice to update your previously created content where possible. Why? Like anything, content ages. Did you know freshness is a ranking factor? It can become […]

Content strategy – just why does it matter?

Ever started a journey without planning where you’re heading to? Or started chopping up ingredients without a plan of what you’re going to cook? Didn’t think so. The same goes for the world of content and the content strategy you define. Did you know brands that have a defined and documented content strategy are known […]

The marketers guide to a successful award entry

Successful award entry writing

The award entry season is in full swing Awards are a key part of profile and brand raising for a company. They endorse your service, your people and carry kudos within your industry. We always ensure they play a key role in any PR and reputation planning. But winning awards isn’t easy. Not only can it […]

Crisis comms: it could be you…

Crisis Communications

Have you heard the one about me standing in the school playground having a heated conversation with the consumer affairs editor of the Daily Mail trying to keep a developing story out of the press? Probably not. We don’t tend to shout too loud about mitigating negative press coverage. As an industry, we tend to […]

Ethical AI: Opportunities and Challenges

Opportunities and challenges for ethical AI cover image

We recently worked with the team at Manchester Metropolitan University to help present a series of real-world case studies, highlighting how SMEs are prepared to adopt ethical and responsible approaches to AI development and deployment. The interviews revealed that SMEs must be front and centre of any future policy development. Business leaders want to do […]

A journey that helped business recovery in the pandemic

Emergent Alliance Report

The COVID-19 pandemic needs no introduction, but the process for navigating economic recovery does. In 2020 Konductor became involved with an inspirational not-for-profit, the Emergent Alliance. We were asked to journal the progress of a group of companies – including Rolls-Royce, IBM, Google Cloud and Microsoft – who had come together, putting anti-sharing and competitive behaviour […]

The strong brand and the nostalgia bug

Cars are funny things aren’t they?  They’re devised to transport a person from point A to point B without having to wear out some poor steed, some of them have since burrowed their way into humanity’s collective imagination. From the Batmobile to the Ecto-1, from 007’s various gadget-addled Aston Martins, to the bomb-proof ‘Beast’ favoured […]

The essential 4 steps needed for a killer commercial marketing plan

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. A much repeated phrase, but one grounded in truth. And in no instance is it truer than with commercial marketing plans. Though a brief look at some examples of commercial marketing plans may give you cause to think otherwise, you don’t need to be a member […]

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