Eyes to the front! Lessons from some of the best marketing campaigns of all time

When a marketing campaign goes well, it doesn’t just raise the profile of an organisation, it can change the world. Certain TV advertisements, jingles, slogans, and even colour co-ordinations become synonymous with life events – from the momentous, to the everyday. Here, we’re going to look at some of the most memorable marketing campaigns, and […]

Getting the Budget Right for your Marketing Strategy

Because financing your marketing strategy is top of your agenda…right? Don’t worry, we’ve been in business long enough to know now that as spending for the year ahead is being allocated, marketing tends to slip down the list of priorities. As Marketeers, we obviously think this is an inadvisable thing to let happen but we’re […]

Why and How to Write Compelling Blogs

Why should you be blogging in the first place? The evolution of the common blog and how it has come to be utilised is quite fascinating. As the internet took the world by storm in the 90s and more and more platforms became available people spotted an opportunity to get their voices heard in a […]

Big bad brand

For businesses without a real marketing department, the idea of a brand identity can seem quite trivial. Your brand is ultimately what defines you to your customer. All the biggest companies in the world possess either a definitive name, slogan or symbol that an audience can quickly associate to the organisation. But don’t be fooled […]

Buying into content marketing: the ROI that matters

Content marketing has revolutionized the way marketing and sales departments operate. At its core is the goal of engaging consumers, inspiring a genuine two-way dialogue and opening the door to your brand in an honest and accessible way. But how do you put a value on this new openness and deliver tangible marketing ROI for […]

A marketing quickie!

A marketing quickie! Marketing is pivotal in determining the success of any business. However, during prolonged periods of financial struggle, it’s often one of the first areas to get the proverbial chop. Fret not, tight budgets don’t necessarily have to mean the end to your marketing endeavours. The Konductor team is keen to evangelise on […]

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