10 Top Tips for Great Internal Comms

The evolution of internal comms is one of the more heartening aspects of the contemporary business story. Disappearing are the days of PCs smothered by an array of shouty, demanding, neon post-its and send-to-all emails decrying sales performances and incompletely filled time-sheets, signed off by a CEO no one ever sees. It’s not just that […]

Konductor collaborates to launch film for AccessPay

Konductor has joined forces with Burnley-based RTR Digital for the filming and production of a new film for Manchester-based fintech AccessPay. Collaborating on the project, the teams were briefed to bring to life next-generation payments technology, stripping out jargon and demonstrating how AccessPay allows a user to bring together all of their payment platforms allowing faster and easier […]

Transient Trailblazers: The rise and rise of the Interim Manager

To say that running and managing a business is difficult, is not to say anything ground-breaking. Keeping track of stock, paying wages on time, building relationships with suppliers and customers, ensuring the tax man is happy, on and on it goes. Like spinning a hundred plates made of depleted uranium in a building that’s on […]

Why and How to Write Compelling Blogs

Why should you be blogging in the first place? The evolution of the common blog and how it has come to be utilised is quite fascinating. As the internet took the world by storm in the 90s and more and more platforms became available people spotted an opportunity to get their voices heard in a […]

Her name was Rio….

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t been hooked on events in Rio over the summer. The Olympics were great, the Paralympics, arguably better. Gold! Gold! Gold! We’ve done so well it seems to have repaired some of the gloom and doom of the past few months. Breaking news from the BBC has actually been […]

Big bad brand

For businesses without a real marketing department, the idea of a brand identity can seem quite trivial. Your brand is ultimately what defines you to your customer. All the biggest companies in the world possess either a definitive name, slogan or symbol that an audience can quickly associate to the organisation. But don’t be fooled […]

How great is Manchester? This great!

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, unless it’s Manchester and then it’s champion. Fortunate enough to work with businesses all over the city, we wanted to reflect on the place oft known for it’s rain or it’s football teams. Oh, it’s so much more! It doesn’t matter if you are […]

Customer experience of the future. I can see it!

Always at the forefront of technology, shunning old hat methods and adding revolutionary, functional solutions to its portfolio, we’re getting excited about our client Vapour and a product they’re crazy about, WebRTC. What is it? Communication at its most effortless, effective best. With the touch of a button, WebRTC allows you to view the person you […]

Diagnosis Big Data. Diagnosis Google.

We are fortunate enough to work with a large number of technology companies that utilise data, the internet of things and emerging technologies. And we love keeping an eye out for progressive developments in the digital world. Here’s something that’s pricked our ears up over the last few days…. This week, internet giant Google has […]

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