Konductor collaborates to launch film for AccessPay

Konductor has joined forces with Burnley-based RTR Digital for the filming and production of a new film for Manchester-based fintech AccessPay. Collaborating on the project, the teams were briefed to bring to life next-generation payments technology, stripping out jargon and demonstrating how AccessPay allows a user to bring together all of their payment platforms allowing faster and easier […]

Transient Trailblazers: The rise and rise of the Interim Manager

To say that running and managing a business is difficult, is not to say anything ground-breaking. Keeping track of stock, paying wages on time, building relationships with suppliers and customers, ensuring the tax man is happy, on and on it goes. Like spinning a hundred plates made of depleted uranium in a building that’s on […]

Big bad brand

For businesses without a real marketing department, the idea of a brand identity can seem quite trivial. Your brand is ultimately what defines you to your customer. All the biggest companies in the world possess either a definitive name, slogan or symbol that an audience can quickly associate to the organisation. But don’t be fooled […]

Learn from the little guy – what start-ups can teach big business

The world and his wife seem to be in the business of offering advice to start-ups and new businesses. And I’d be the first to agree that there is a huge amount to be had from listening to others, finding the right mentor and gaining some lessons learned. But what we hear far less about […]

Great leadership. One trick ponies need not apply

Great leadership. The immortal words that every business person – aspiring or established – wants attributing to them and their style. But just what is that essential ingredient that makes you not only a leader, but a great leader? It is something that has eluded, and continues to elude, organisations and business figures the world […]

You can’t handle the truth

When is confidence not confidence? When it’s false confidence, of course. And trust me, I’m a cynical ex-journalist. Today I read an article on the aforementioned topic. Well, more specifically, ‘appearing’ more intelligent than other people and how this can help you in life. Rebecca Burn-Callander, writing in the Daily Telegraph, walked through seven ways you […]

Buying or consuming. Are b2b and b2c marketing techniques so very different?

Historically there has been a real division of thinking around b2b and b2c marketing. And why wouldn’t there be? You’re talking about a company spend versus persuading you or I to hand over our credit card. But when you remember that most companies in the UK have less than ten employees and that many of […]

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